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Volunteers speak

Kshamata truly is an organization which really empowers the women to earn their livelihood and gives a platform for utilizing their skills to be an independent human being


carmelineWith a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Carmeline has worked in the development sector, including anti-human trafficking organisations for over thirteen years. Having started her career in the anti-human trafficking sector with front desk duties, she went on to manage offices and supervise teams. She has also assisted in several field assignments, hosted donor visits, represented the organization at various meetings and conferences and headed administrations, HR and community relations portfolios.

She also functioned in the capacity of Regional Communications Manager and Regional Case Management Strategist. She oversaw communications and set up a basic case management system for offices across three cities.

She then transitioned over into the education sector and set up and ran a successful and robust international volunteer program for a second level, education focused NGO. In addition to the volunteer program, she has also taken on an HR role which  involves creation of HR policies, reviewing and updating office culture, introducing an official appraisal system, working on staff development plans, etc. In this role, she also consults with various grassroots level organizations and assists them with setting up of HR systems and structures.
“The badge of courage does not require that we walk through something dangerous. It simply requires that we continue to share God’s love whenever and wherever we are.”- Tom White


Carmeline ChristopherSenior Human Resources Manager Atma 

sulabha-subramaniamThe real potential of this NGO was evident to me from the beginning, when I came across their stall at a program last year. Unlike most such ventures, the interaction was directly with the girls who were members (not ‘Inmates’), and not with volunteers or coordinators (though present, they chose to be in the background). The confidence, simplicity and genuineness with which the girls explained about their work and showed the products, made me want to visit and see how I could be a part of this group. I found the approach of the Trust was holistic & showed respect to the girls in the shelter; just what I would think makes for a true path towards self-dependence. This was no high walled guarded and controlled environment. Here I saw that there was trust, careful yet empathetic monitoring and follow up, appropriate emotional and logistic support. At the same time, there was assertive handling of difficult or delicate situations. The group would meet and resolve any issue along with the Trust members and the social worker. They were ‘educating’ the girls not only in vocations, academics, life skills, but also in conflict resolution and decision making through such a process. The girls later move in small groups to group homes, where they slowly learn to become responsible for themselves and be independent.  This is such a proactive and positive way of empowering the girls, who, for whatever reason, had earlier landed in a Government shelter home. Of course there are areas of concern and problems to deal with. I am impressed by the way in which these are tackled. Not an easy task, given that it is such a huge responsibility to take care of a group of teenage girls in a relatively open atmosphere. Add to that the problems faced from society at large, as you can imagine. In this short time, I have really grown to feel happy by my discovery and am impressed with the fervour and tenacity of the core group of trustees and the volunteers. I hope to stay connected. Best wishes!

Sulabha Subramaniam

 I always wanted to work for some NGO but due to my busy schedule could not make it. Ever since I heard about the Kshamata I was highly impressed and wanted to be part of it. It’s an excellent place for the young woman to transfer their ideas into reality. It is a place to express their feelings and dreams. It builds the capacity of every young woman to face the challenging world, stand on their feet and to have positive attitude towards life. Kshamata’s work culture is like a family. Kshamata is never ending.

Usha DonolikarVolunteer

“I volunteer more of as a free lancer than a dedicated volunteer due to my busy schedule….A close friend of mine told me about this place. Being a regular volunteer at orphanages and cancer shelter, an NGO which gives a second chance to women was a place I had not visited before. I was naturally curious and I liked the name which literally means empowerment so I thought of checking it out.  My first visit wasn’t an impressive one. A place not so neatly kept, in house prepared products made weren’t sold properly and girls spoke behind each other ‘s back. I wondered what truly lies behind this chaos. After few visits and Interaction with center coordinator Mona and some girls made me change my perspective for good!!!!!
Its is easy to work with kids, you can shout at them. Patients have to listen to doctors. However, it is truly difficult to work with grown up girls mostly in their 20’s, who have mind of their own, mentally and legally capable of taking their decision and legally you cant stop them from walking out any time. It takes tons of patience, counselling and support to keep them on right path, a GOAL for which Kshamata team works relentlessly. Kshamata efforts to get the Girls to continue education, become computer literate, acquire skills to earn a honorable living and attain financial independence are commendable. As they say ‘Easy said than done’ and I can say it 100% backing because years of volunteering has made me realize that, it is quite common to get your noble intentions questioned than the wrong doing that happen all around  My busy schedule doesnt allow me to work with Kshamata as much as I would like, however my wishes and prayers are always with them. Kudos to team Kshamata….keep up the great work….”

Ms.Shawli Das