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The Outreach

Kshamata  works with Government and NGO run homes for the destitute or homeless, Minors etc., who are most vulnerable to trafficking if they were to leave the home. In the case of minors, Kshamata starts working with the women once they attain the age of eighteen, as that is when they cannot continue to stay in Minor homes, and are legally adults.

All women who agree to be trained by Kshamata in the SDC provide an undertaking that they are staying of their own volition, and that they are free to leave at any time, as the SDC is a training centre, not a shelter home. Women at SDC are assessed periodically and their career paths are planned jointly with the concerned woman. AT the end of the training, some women are placed directly into employment. Others are provided internship at Kshamata’s social enterprise as a means of learning further job readiness, in terms of attitudes and skills. Subsequently, they are either absorbed in the social enterprise or provided external placement. Once employed, women are encouraged in finding their own accommodation, and Kshamata supports them in finding appropriate accommodation, and setting up of group homes.

Kshamata is already working with seven shelter homes, including those run by Government and by NGOs, and in the current year has trained 12 women intensively. Of these, 10 are now fully employed, and 2 have opted for further college education, for which they have been provided support through other agencies. Six women have been supported in setting up two group homes for independent living.

Along with these engagement activities, outreach also includes sensitisation of staff of shelter homes, police personnel interacting with the women, and developing a system for ongoing referral from the shelter homes to Kshamata.

The specific steps in outreach are as under: