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sangitaKshamata-unleashing the potentials of everyone who comes under its wings…Kshamata not only
touches lives but it changes it too. We as members of Inner Wheel Club of Hiranandani Estate started
visiting the centre to help outin whatever way we could and soon Kshamata became like an extended
From the trustees to all the girls we have received immense warmth, love and respect. The girls here
are given the freedom to choose their vocation. We have seen them blossom, gain confidence and take
charge of their lives under the apt guidance of Bharathy and her awesome team.

Sangita HarisinghaniInner Wheel President for Hiranandani Estate-2013-14

animedh2We commend the Kshamata NGO team for their tireless work of rescue and rehabilitation of the women in distress. Since our inception in 2012, ACT has supported the excellent work done at Kshamata and have provided sponsorship for rescue, counselling and vocational training of the women who are victims of human trafficking.  Together we ‘ACT to make a difference’ and transform lives of the identified beneficiaries at an individual level. Our belief is that the above efforts will enable scores of girls and women to enhance their ability along with their dignity and fulfil their dreams of a better tomorrow. We wish the Kshamata Team more success in enabling the transformations of their beneficiaries.’ ~ Animedh Charitable Trust (ACT)

Animedh Charitable Trust

shoma“When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile. ”
That what kshamata girls inspiration is… We all have complains from our life but we don’t act on doing somethings for ourselves…
But I have learned from all the girls in Kshamata the thousands reasons smile  with lots of affection n love…


kindledspiritOur Association with Kshamata came about by personal introduction, we soon identified that the work and support undertaken by Kshamata is highly effective, the support and re-intergration model has a very high success rate, which enables the girls to re-integrate back into society armed with life skills and vocational training, this leads them down the path of self sufficiency and long term stability. An effective, sustainable model which is life changing.

Richard Cribb

advitya‘Being strong is not an option. It is the only way.’

When a girl is born, born with her are her dreams. Dreams that only grow with every year that passes, moving from mere fantasies to astute aspirations and they continue to fill her eyes with a world where she is the master of her own destiny. Eventually her dreams turn into undeterred resolves.

At Kshamata I see this resolve in each one’s bosom burning like wild fire. Each one has their own story to tell and scars to heal but even in the throes of their pain I see the flame flickering. That smallest of hope is the miracle I witness when I see the bright faces of all the girls at Kshamata. With a list of commendable tasks to their credit, Kshamata is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the women they cater to are given every possible opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and blend into the mainstream, leaving behind their past. I laud the efforts of the team in understanding the value of human life and creating an even playground for all those who have fought life with valiance and exemplary courage. I began teaching English here not because I was asked to do so by the management, but because the women wanted to learn. They wanted to have an edge when it came to securing jobs, completing their education and even starting their own enterprises. Every week when I enter the center, I see eager faces waiting to learn something new. These are the faces that have taught me that there is no age to start or stop learning. And I have come to live by it. The amount of courage that the girls at the centre exude is phenomenal and it has invigorated me to fight my own battles with the belief that all those things that doesn’t kill you, only make you stronger. I know for one that these girls are definitely going to chase their dreams and one day they will bask in the fragrance of their long due freedom because for me they embody the magnificence of a Phoenix that rises from its own ashes. ~ Vallari Shah

Vallari Shah Advitya