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Group Home Care & Support

The most important component is enabling the women to live independently after placement and income accrual. Kshamata has seen that getting housing for single women, or for a small group of single women, is difficult in Mumbai, and is supporting the women in finding locations and organising houses as appropriate. In addition, the women have had no savings of any kind, and for them to set up the required facilities – kitchen equipment, furnishings, furniture, etc., is not possible without external support. Kshamata therefore provides the initial support for setting up the group stay home . Further, the women are given a lead time of three months to bear the costs of the group home fully by themselves.

As on date Kshamata has been able to support 4 group homes with 10 women living in the homes. In addition, 4 women are living independently on their own. Kshamata continues to be in touch as counsellors, mentors and friends.