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“Project Rasoi”

Vocational training at shelter homes

Kshamata is working at two shelter homes to provide training on specific identified vocational skills  with which the women will be able to produce small articles on a part time basis. In the shelter homes women can work only for part of the day. However, once they learn the skills they can use the skills when they return to their homes, or stay in the city, to find either employment, or get small orders as a self-employment measure. For different homes, Kshamata has identified tailoring, paper bag making, paper bead jewellery making, food products (cakes, bakes, farsan etc.) and catering as the possible vocational trades that provide self-employment. In the current project the focus s on Catering and Cookery.

Women are placed in shelter homes by the court when they are rescued from a trafficking situation. As they have cases registered against them, women often stay for an uncertain length of time, depending on the status of their case in courts. Once the case is disposed of, the woman must be repatriated to her home village or town, unless she gives an undertaking to court that she prefers to stay in the city, and that undertaking is accepted by the court. A majority are sent back – though a number of them return to the profession as they are not ready for other work.

Vocational training provides the women an opportunity to earn a livelihood independently, and enable them to settle down in whichever location they prefer to stay. In villages and small towns, small bakeries, catering units (small idli shops, hotels) tend to do well, and these would form the bulk of the training provided by Kshamata.

For those who stay back in Mumbai, Kshamata will help in getting orders and fulfilling them, monitoring quality and delivery time for a year. At the end of the training, women are able to earn at least Rs. 3,000 per month, on a part time basis.

Project Duration: 12 months
No. of women to be trained: 15
Project Cost – including equipment, tool kits for women, and training Rs. 1,17,800


Benefit to women: Expected earnings increase post training: Rs. 3,000 per month for at least 5 women Rs. 1,80,000 annual