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Group Home support

Women who go through the SDC, or become independent earners at the shelter homes or communities, invariably need to find independent accommodation, or stay in hostels. Staying at working women’s hostels can be costly, and not affordable for many women, for whom the choice is to find a house and share it among 4-6 women.

However, finding houses for a group of women living by themselves is difficult in Mumbai, and hence Kshamata supports women wanting to stay independently in terms finding houses, getting landlords to agree to the tenancy.


Most of the women have little or no savings, and do not have the means to pay for the deposit or the initial furniture/ equipment for the home. Kshamata therefore finds sponsors for the group home – either in cash or kind – to help the women set up a reasonable home. The costs for setting up of a group home amount to an average of Rs. 75,000 one time expenditure. Notionally, the women can be asked to repay this amount over 3 years, but the costs for follow up and ensuring repayment are prohibitive at present. This cost provides a basic home, and any further improvements are paid for by the women themselves.


Project Duration: One time support
No. of women staying in one home Up to 4
Project Cost – including equipment, furniture and fittings for home Rs. 72,000