Myriam was a victim, but now is a survivor. She is out of the dark, and taking a rebirth.

Tell her it’s possible!
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We support trafficking survivors and women in distress.

So that when they wish for a rebirth, it’s not just a wish.


Women rescued from trafficking / exploitation are provided temporary refuge in different shelter homes, where many organisations counsel and train them. However, critical areas of need like aftercare, rehabilitation and reintegration are often neglected despite the efforts of various government and non-government agencies. In the absence of effective reintegration, society is oblivious to their vulnerability, and the women face the risk of re-victimisation.

We bridge that gap between shelter homes and society by making survivors bold, independent and capable so that they can take a rebirth.

After years of missing out on life,

all a survivor really needs is a home.

Kshamata is that home.

Their First home

Kshamata is a home where survivors restart their lives. It gives them their first friends, first family, first experience of self employment, first job, first fight, first resolve and first place they can trust—no matter what.

They run the house on their own, set the rules and rights in consensus and take responsibility for each other. They’re never waiting, only creating.

Their belief, “We are the stakeholders of Kshamata, not beneficiaries.”

Today, Myriam is one of the twenty-nine rebirth stories
that Kshamata has given life to.


Women Counselled


Women Secured Placement


Women Successfully Reintegrated

Making rebirth happen

With our model


  • Identify and Engage Vulnerable Girls
  • Assessments, Referrals
  • Initiate Skills Development
  • Life Skills Sessions
  • Income Generation Activities(Aspirations)


  • Life Skills Development
  • Vocational Skills & Job Readiness
  • Job Placements
  • Counseling
  • Exposure Visits
  • Peer Education


  • Financial Independence
  • Community Support Base
  • Independent Living
  • Mentoring
  • Post Employment Floow Up




Rajmohan, Trustee

“It is very important for us that these women become independent – earning their own money, staying on their own and living their own lives. We have to be the enablers for them to undertake this transformation themselves, whatever time it may take.”

Ram, Trustee

“In 2016-17, we saw women moving out of Kshamata supported group stay homes to their own homes, beoming truly independent, but still maintaining their link with us.”

Mona Almeida, Trustee

“It has been a journey for all us, staff, trustees, volunteers and the women of Kshamata. We all have evolved together and experienced the pangs of growth and the euphoria after that.”

Can Kshamata re-invent itself to ensure better future to many more who are suffering silently as victims of exploitation?

Our brave-hearts are taking on life anew but there are many more out there. We want our tools to be widely available. Kshamata’s group homes are making rebirths real locally, but slowly. And Kshamata’s IMIB Model has the potential to bring light to a million more survivors globally.

Support us in strengthening our tools. Part of your donation goes in expanding Kshamata’s group homes and part of it in strengthening our IMIB Model. This Model will then be deployed at every every support organisation for women in distress. The more of us on the job, the faster we can bring Myriam back home.